Our areas of expertise


We have electrical teams capable of executing of all kinds of electrical works. Our electrical division are
experts at:
• Electrical infrastructure
standard installation such as laying cable networks including termination of medium and low voltage cables and full DB setup and dressing.
• Electrical systems setup
for special electrical and electromechanical components, such as distribution boards, motor control units, control panels or any other types of specialized IT connected electrical building components.
• Repair of special electrical components.

Mechanical 02

Our mechanical teams can accomplish any mechanical task regardless of its complexity.
The core competences of our mechanical department are:
• Façade and glazing installation
of special screens, automated doors and high-end façade elements.
• Steel structure assembly of all kinds, such as rail systems for elevators and large scale movable domes, industrial silos and fixed processing line components.
• Mechanical assembly of large scale mechanical systems with moving parts such as clock drives, elevators, escalators as well as various kinds of mechanical drive trains.

IT & Programming

We specialize in:
• IT infrastructure systems design & setup which includes the installation of: servers, passive and active networking equipment, telephony, large- scale fiber optic and CAT cable installations.
• Software Development of
full-cycle software solutions, ranging from advanced enterprise and web applications to mobile applications.
• IT Consulting to help optimize your existing business processes, and align your IT with your businesses needs.
• IT Security to assist our clients in order to eliminate security risks and provide them with a secure IT environment.

Consultancy 04

Customer demand and our successful track record led to the establishment of our consultancy division. Under this service, our experienced engineers provide clients with invaluable advice across all our areas of expertise. We offer full service engineering consultancy:
• Integrated design solutions
• Quality Control
• Develop and optimize IT
business processes

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