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We offer planning and design services in all our areas of expertise.

Our dedicated team of designers and planners collaborate to transform your ideas into tangible and effective solutions. We recognize that a well-thought-out design and meticulous planning are fundamental to the success of any project. Whether it’s architectural blueprints, mechanical schematics, or IT system layouts, our creative designers and skilled planners work in synergy to ensure innovation, functionality, and seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Crafting Your Vision into Reality

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Installation & Implementation

With years of experience in executing diverse projects, we take pride in our proficient Installation & Implementation services. Whether it’s electrical installations, control systems integration, or mechanical setup, our technical experts and engineers ensure swift and precise execution. As your trusted partner, we understand the intricacies of your industry and strive to deliver high-quality solutions that align perfectly with your operational requirements.

Bringing Excellence to Life

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Operation & Maintenance

At Int-Global, our commitment doesn’t end with project completion. We offer reliable Operation & Maintenance services to keep your electrical, mechanical, and IT systems running smoothly throughout their lifespan. Our proactive maintenance approach minimizes downtime and optimizes performance, allowing you to focus on your core business operations with peace of mind.

Sustaining Efficiency and Reliability

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Quality control testing & Commisioning

Quality is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We have the expertise and dedicated electrical, mechanical, surveyor, civil and IT teams, who will thoroughly inspect and identify any issues prior to handover. All QC/Testing & Commissioning is performed in accordace with industry standards, and services conducted include: cold and live testing, megger testing, phyical connection checks, geodatic inspection survey, and many more.

Ensuring Perfection

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Consultancy services

Navigating the complexities of electromechanical and IT projects can be daunting. That’s where our Consultancy Services come in. Our seasoned consultants lend their expertise to guide you through critical decision-making processes. Whether you require advice on system upgrades, cost optimization, or risk management, our team is here to provide tailored solutions that align with your objectives.

At Int-Global, we believe in forging strong partnerships with our clients. Our integrated approach, encompassing Design & Planning, Installation & Implementation, Operation & Maintenance, Quality Control Testing & Commissioning, and Consultancy Services, guarantees success in every venture we undertake. Experience the difference with our top-notch services, and let us be your preferred partner in electromechanical and IT solutions.

Your Trusted Advisor

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